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Corporate Social Responsibility
We do care

Educate Yourself

We believe in providing Education to the deprived children in rural regions of India. We are supporting Ashraya Initiative for Children in their initiative for improving lives of vulnerable kids and building up their future.

Empower Cancer patients to develop strong mind & emotional intelligence

We always believed that mind is powerful than the body and it is vital to empower cancer patients to develop strong mind and emotional intelligence.  More than money, cancer patients needs the emotional support, tenderness and care. We engage with cancer patients for supporting them in increasing their mental strength and pursuing their personal and professional goals.

We are generously supporting Fight Cancer Global organisation for their great intiative.

Women Empowerment

We strongly encourage and practice women empowerment. We support victims of domestic violence for starting new life with confidence. We invest in women run businesses and mentor them through their entrepreneurship journey.

We do care. If you think that we can support and make a difference.