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Working together to create actionable insights
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We work together to built actionable Intelligence that is vital to every retail organisation.

Our RetailTech team members have been building and developing high quality comprehensive retail solution that enables merchandisers, marketers and  product managers to understand the customer beyond their purchase pattern while leveraging their SAP Retail and Digital Analytics implementation.

We have significant industry and technology expertise to drive businesses at any maturity level onto a strategic data analysis for achieving competitive advantage. We offer SAP and AWS Cloud Solutions to provide actionable insights for retailers for understanding unprecedented customer behavior and motivations across omnichannel programs.

We support retailers to aim for digital transformation to modernise its operations and to innovate the customer engagement to blur digital and physical personalised shopping experiences.

Are you looking for an intelligent retail automation solution?

Our team has developed an intelligent retail automation solution for store and business operations checklist not only to drive operational efficiency but also to implement strategic retail operations program so that every part of a retail business can be managed, refined and made more efficient. The automated solution – “QuickChecks” will empower retailers to automate the scheduled tasks, implement smart up-to-date checklists and streamlining compliance and audit procedures for better time management and increased ROI on operations, merchandising and loss-prevention.


Automated Checklists for ReImagining Store Rituals

Features Regular
Automating Checklists to eliminate data entry and data redundancy
Improved Reporting with Evidence Tracking
Easy to Schedule and Repeatable with Alerts & Escalations
Analytics anytime & anywhere
Interactive Dashboards & Workflows
Response Linked Task Assignment
Process Automation
Quick Set up, Flexible & Secured with
QuickChecks is a cloud-based application and we propose a customised implementation. The product will not only support in streamlining operations but can also aid the ambitious digital transformation team for tracking their performance on the transformational journey and pin themselves on the given roadmap. It is a good fit for the existing need which will ensure the proposed automation in reality which means the operations will be running as per the plan and the team is engaged with customers and not stuck in front of a computer screen or fixing operational store problems.

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We innovate our offerings including traditional data analytics, predictive analytics, visualisation and performance management to provide retailers with advanced analytics required for driving their business efficiently.

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